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Kevin Smith facebook page
Looks like Smash brand is their new company.
142 Bristlecone DriveDriftwood, Texas 78619
Current address of Kevin Smith
12609 N Humphreys WayBoise, Idaho 83714
Current address of Michael Keplinger
877 Main Street Suite 606Boise, Idaho 83702
The main St. address is the address where they now conduct business out of.
After doing extensive research to find out where ND LLC is located, where they sell from, what distributors purchase their products for distribution. Also, which LLC’s are dissolved, which are in good standing, etc we have reached the conclusion that they are not selling products as Athletic Xtreme or very little, and are using numerous shell companies to try and hide their extortion operation in multiple states. The two principals of ND LLC are Kevin Smith using a shell company called Liberty Mutual Holding INC (Expired) . Michael Keplinger using a shell company called Alan Investments Company of San Diego which is (dissolved.) (See Exhibit A) ND’s LLC also shows an address of 2245 W University STE 5, Tempe, Arizona 85281. This address is vacant. On our original complaint the address is 14215 N. 8th Pl, Phoenix, Arizona, 85022. See information below. The original complaint against our company shows an address of 14215 N. 8th Pl, Phoenix, Arizona, 85022. Although this house was purchased in 2015 to a Sean Looser who works at EMR Corp. He has no affiliation with ND LLC. But, the person that sold him the house named Steve Bonnel did at one time. We called a distributor to see what address they have for Athletic Xtreme and one distributor gave us the address 2245 W. University Dr Tempe AZ 85281. We had a friend of ours go to this location and it is vacant. So the two addresses in AZ for ND LLC are non-existent for Athletic Xtreme’s business. I then called another distributor to try and find ND LLC’s location and the Chief-Executive Officer (who owed me a favor) of the company gave us the address of 877 Main St. Suite 606, Boise Idaho 83702. We’re now in Idaho. This is the most current address for ND LLC. From here we start to dig into Idaho and were able to find out that Michael Keplinger is a resident in that state.

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