Robert Tauler

“Two Time Felon Kevin Smith Illegally Carries Firearm And Causes Liver Failure”

Meet Kevin Smith, a two-time felon that has sued over 110 companies in what could only be described as a mob-style shakedown extortion scheme. He uses a LLC entity that doesn’t conduct any business whatsoever named Nutrition Distribution LLC and is currently under investigation for organized criminal extortion.

Being a two-time felon in possession of firearms is another felony he can add to his lengthy criminal background. He is considered to be armed and dangerous, not only because of his illegal possessions of firearms (as shown in the photos). But, between himself and his main attorney Robert Tauler from Tauler and Smith. They will use very aggressive tactics to try and coerce a settlement. Including harassment, falsifying documents, stalking, stalking on the internet, and intimidating family members.

Kevin Smith once a owner of a supplement company called Anabolic Resources knowingly spiked a dietary supplement with a prohormone called Superdrol. Superdrol is extremely liver toxic and can cause liver failure. There were many customers of Anabolic Resources that unknowingly took these products. The term “spiking” in the dietary supplement industry refers to adding ingredients to a supplement without putting the particular ingredient on the label. Because of Kevin Smith’s actions many were sent to the hospital because of liver toxicity with complete liver failure.

If you have been sued by Kevin Smith of Nutrition Distribution being represented by attorney Robert Tauler. You’re advised to call the police and report that a felon named Kevin Smith is threatening you and trying to use the legal system to coerce a mob-style extortion payment. He is a known felon carrying firearms (as shown in the pictures) and has been known to resort to stalking potential defendants. Pictures were taken from his official Facebook page at dated November 18th 2016.

To file a police report for a felon carrying a firearm you need to contact the police department of San Marcos or Austin, Texas. The addresses are
715 East 8th Street 78701 Phone: 512-974-5000 or 2300 Interstate 35 Frontage Road 78666 512-753-2108 .

You can also contact the ATF with a complaint:

Inform the police that Kevin Smith’s residential address is:

142 Bristlecone Drive, Driftwood, Texas 78619


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