Robert Tauler

Robert Tauler reaches all-time low targeting immigrants in his latest shakedown/extortion scheme. Vice News from HBO unravels Tauler’s illegal activities.


Shakedown Extortionist/Robert Tauler

Robert Tauler from a firm called Tauler & Smith continues on his quest to target legitimate business owners with threatening shakedown/extortion payments designed to extract money from immigrant business owners to avoid costly litigation.

Part one of Tauler’s scheme was unraveled right here on where he used a company that didn’t conduct any business whatsoever called Nutrition Distribution LLC. Sending out thousands of cease and desist letters claiming unfair business practices and false advertising. Over 100 hundred lawsuits were filed often demanding payments from anywhere between $15,000 to $250,000 to avoid costly federal civil litigation. Companies started to fight back, and judges agreed that these lawsuits were meant strictly for monetary gain, and not false advertising under the Lanham Act. With the many companies disputing these frivolous allegations, and many of the cases now becoming case law. Taulers rampage of meritless lawsuits has now become defunct using the entity of Nutrition Distribution LLC.

Part two of Tauler’s scheme is now exposed thanks to Vice News of HBO. In the video that is on Youtube, Tauler again goes after businesses in the same manner as the entity of Nutrition Distribution LLC. Where a company called Outlaw Laboratories was only designed for the mere purpose of filing lawsuit after lawsuit to legitimate business owners.

An attorney in San Diego stated, “As we started looking at that demand letter, it became clear to us that the demand letter itself was an instance of mail fraud,” he said. “The demand letter sets forth a number of false statements and then demands money from the stores. That’s fraud. You cannot make fraudulent statements in exchange for demand of money.”

Check out the video here by Vice News. 

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