Robert Tauler

[NEW] Outline for Dealing With Tauler’s Extortion

If being sued by Robert Tauler for Lanham Act/false advertising/any suit of the like, here is an outline on how to handle him:

MEMORANDUM OF POINTS AND AUTHORITIES FACTS Defendant NEWTRITIONAL HEALTH CARE According to its Complaint, Plaintiff is an Arizona limited liability company that manufacturers and markets dietary supplements. See Compl. ¶ ¶ 15, 27. In 2011, Plaintiff’s owner, Kevin Smith, and Plaintiff’s predecessor companies (which were then owned by Smith) were charged by the United States with intent to defraud and mislead by introducing unapproved drugs into interstate commerce…

Final Court Documents NHC NR case

If you believe Robert Taulers actions are grounds for disbarment this is our complaint to the state bar of California:

Tauler smith llp tries cases that are not in their jurisdiction for the purpose of personal convince (notice no case has went forward in any other court except the cases in state court (nutrition distribution vs Sarms pharm in which the case was lost by plaintiff on demur) and due to having such a case load also in attempt to cost the defendants so much money the either settle due to monetary and time constraint or go broke litigating and setting an example for future victims of the Tauler Smith extortion practice (case enhanced athlete vs nutrition distribution where the plaintiff has posted on YouTube and multiple other public social venues the deposition of Tony Hughes ) Tauler uses this as an example of what will happen to defendants that dare not to pay him….

Final Bar Complaint

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